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Sigurd Spieckermann

Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist at SIEMENS

Hi, I'm Sigurd 👋

I'm a data scientist and fullstack developer, specialized on MLOps. I love OSS as a user, contributor, and maintainer. As a university lecturer, I teach students about mathematical foundations of Deep Learning.

MLOps combines machine learning (ML) development and operations (Ops) for putting ML into production. Defining one buzzword by another, MLOps is DevOps for ML. It's a cross-cutting topic, requiring profound knowledge on a variety of aspects within both ML and DevOps, which are very different fields.

My primary areas of interest are:

  • Quality

    Code style, typing, tests, documentation, maintenance, etc.

  • Reusability

    Scaffolding, modularity, stability, packaging, releases, etc.

  • Reproducibility

    RNG seeding, dependency locking, data pinning, accessibility, etc.

  • Traceability

    Code, data & model versioning, lifecycle trails, accountability, etc.

  • Tech Stack

    OSS, features, maturity, activity, interoperability, licenses, etc.

  • Automation

    Code formatters, linters, type checkers, CI/CD, bots, etc.